The Cadotte Pass, Montana UFO Crash of 1864


~lorelei~: Sylvia has three oncologists and one surgeon. They all seem very kind and understanding...thank God. She has been puking today and yesterday from the chemo. They might keep her another day... Maybe two before discharging us to a local hotel. Aug 25, 2014 14:23:38 GMT -6
paulette: Continue to sleep when you can. Sylvia needs you calm and rested. Aug 26, 2014 17:58:33 GMT -6
BLACK DOG: Some docs are much more "patient orientated", Oncology" docs" I have found, not by direct dealings with but by others who have, seem to be head and shoulders above most docs in being Very sensitive to their patients and family members. Aug 29, 2014 13:11:13 GMT -6
~lorelei~: That's a good thing black dog. More docs should be that way... Aug 30, 2014 1:07:39 GMT -6
BLACK DOG: Having spent about,50 yrs. (+) or (-) a year or two, in the "mental health business" as a Ph.D. "Clinical Psychologist" as well as having a MSW, I have to not to "judge" other "professionals", Doctors", MD or PHD, generally are decent people Sept 3, 2014 15:29:33 GMT -6
BLACK DOG: some are simply , well, I can't type that but let's say, "less than who I would go to if I was "ill", physically ooor mentally! Sept 3, 2014 15:31:36 GMT -6
~lorelei~: I understand black dog. :) Sept 4, 2014 12:15:00 GMT -6
BLACK DOG: Thanks. Sure glad somebody around here does. Gives me hope. Thanks Sept 5, 2014 22:07:12 GMT -6
paulette: Black Dog - I'm a RCC counsellor. MA. Been pying my trade for aout 25 years - slowly moving to the edge of the herd. Welcome to the Edge. I'll be interested in your posts. Paulette Sept 9, 2014 21:46:29 GMT -6
skywalker: Why the heck can I not log out of this forum? WTH?? ??? Oct 7, 2014 18:46:20 GMT -6
skywalker: OMG my computer is actually working! :o Ok...don't anybody move. Don't even breath... :-X Oct 9, 2014 12:35:34 GMT -6
MDaisy: I've only seen the dark grey object and the other two UFOs once. There was other stuff happening that evening but I will never discuss it on a public board. Oct 21, 2014 16:25:16 GMT -6
MDaisy: OOOPS grabbed the wrong spot. Sorry. Oct 21, 2014 16:25:26 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: Lots of prayers and good wishes needed for the little babyzon who had her surgery this morning. Oct 28, 2014 22:33:56 GMT -6
MDaisy: Hope things go well and babyzon goes onto a full recovery. Oct 30, 2014 18:28:19 GMT -6
miker28: thank you, i feared my medicatications were starting to put me on edge, but after reading the previous shouts, i find i am okay afterall Nov 16, 2014 13:59:33 GMT -6
lois: When I log out it does not go off. I keep clicking on the back arrow and it just comes back on. Nov 23, 2014 15:41:23 GMT -6
m0ckingb1rd: anyone home? Dec 8, 2014 11:03:28 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: We're always home, mockingbird. Wazzup? :) Dec 9, 2014 20:41:05 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: I reactivated the snow for the Christmas season. :)) Let's see if it messes up Plutronus' computer like it did last year. :-S Dec 9, 2014 20:42:10 GMT -6