skywalker: AAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! >:D >:D >:D Every time I scroll to the top of the screen it's still there! This is driving me nuts!! >:( Jan 31, 2015 19:12:54 GMT -6
skywalker: I gotta go cool off before I blow a gasket or something. I am not in the mood for stupid ads. >:( Jan 31, 2015 19:15:48 GMT -6
skywalker: Stupid ads. B-| Jan 31, 2015 19:16:09 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: Finally I got them off. Stupid ads. B-| Jan 31, 2015 19:31:38 GMT -6
casper: Dude, chill out. You're going to give yourself a heart attack or something. :P Feb 1, 2015 20:37:43 GMT -6
lois: Sky I had ads just like that on the last forum. They finally stopped but don't remember why. I probably put in a new windows . ha ha. That's always my way you know that. Feb 2, 2015 23:49:35 GMT -6 *
lois: Sky I tried to answer your message but when I did and tried to post back to you. Up comes this note. You are not a part of this conversation. weird .. Any one here ever get that notice? (puke) Feb 10, 2015 21:15:24 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: I've never heard of that happening. maybe it was just a glitch with proboards or something. Try it again and see what happens. Feb 11, 2015 12:40:11 GMT -6
lois: When norton says they want to give my computer a patch what the heck does that mean. They tell me to restart my computer so they can apply it. This has happen three times now. Norton has never told me such a thing. Feb 11, 2015 21:39:23 GMT -6
~lorelei~: Stoopid computers! Feb 23, 2015 23:18:56 GMT -6
Cliff: :) Feb 25, 2015 15:55:05 GMT -6
paulette: Well...it's late and I'm not remotely able to sleep. Anyone here? Mar 11, 2015 0:49:45 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: Why are there bleeping ads on this forum???????????? ??? I am paying my meager yet hard-earned money to keep them off. Why are they still here? >:( Mar 11, 2015 22:01:06 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: %#$*%$&$#%R%%^*&*((^%$$%%!!! Stupid ads!!!! >:D Mar 11, 2015 22:01:39 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: I want these bleeping advertisements off of here now!!!!!!!!! >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D Mar 11, 2015 22:03:08 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: AAAAAAAAaaauuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get these bleeping ads off of here!!!!!! >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D Mar 11, 2015 22:07:42 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: stupid ads. >:( Mar 11, 2015 22:11:38 GMT -6
lois: Why is the last post at the top of a page? It is not my computer. Mar 12, 2015 20:11:43 GMT -6
lois: I'm reading post backwards. and no last post is even there when I go to it. I had march the feb went down the rest of the page. and at the bottom was Dec. post. crazy Mar 12, 2015 20:13:24 GMT -6
AaronFarquhar: Morgan you funny one lol Apr 6, 2015 0:36:06 GMT -6