BLACK DOG: Having spent about,50 yrs. (+) or (-) a year or two, in the "mental health business" as a Ph.D. "Clinical Psychologist" as well as having a MSW, I have to not to "judge" other "professionals", Doctors", MD or PHD, generally are decent people Sept 3, 2014 15:29:33 GMT -6
BLACK DOG: some are simply , well, I can't type that but let's say, "less than who I would go to if I was "ill", physically ooor mentally! Sept 3, 2014 15:31:36 GMT -6
~lorelei~: I understand black dog. :) Sept 4, 2014 12:15:00 GMT -6
BLACK DOG: Thanks. Sure glad somebody around here does. Gives me hope. Thanks Sept 5, 2014 22:07:12 GMT -6
paulette: Black Dog - I'm a RCC counsellor. MA. Been pying my trade for aout 25 years - slowly moving to the edge of the herd. Welcome to the Edge. I'll be interested in your posts. Paulette Sept 9, 2014 21:46:29 GMT -6
skywalker: Why the heck can I not log out of this forum? WTH?? ??? Oct 7, 2014 18:46:20 GMT -6
skywalker: OMG my computer is actually working! :o Ok...don't anybody move. Don't even breath... :-X Oct 9, 2014 12:35:34 GMT -6
MDaisy: I've only seen the dark grey object and the other two UFOs once. There was other stuff happening that evening but I will never discuss it on a public board. Oct 21, 2014 16:25:16 GMT -6
MDaisy: OOOPS grabbed the wrong spot. Sorry. Oct 21, 2014 16:25:26 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: Lots of prayers and good wishes needed for the little babyzon who had her surgery this morning. Oct 28, 2014 22:33:56 GMT -6
MDaisy: Hope things go well and babyzon goes onto a full recovery. Oct 30, 2014 18:28:19 GMT -6
miker28: thank you, i feared my medicatications were starting to put me on edge, but after reading the previous shouts, i find i am okay afterall Nov 16, 2014 13:59:33 GMT -6
lois: When I log out it does not go off. I keep clicking on the back arrow and it just comes back on. Nov 23, 2014 15:41:23 GMT -6
m0ckingb1rd: anyone home? Dec 8, 2014 11:03:28 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: We're always home, mockingbird. Wazzup? :) Dec 9, 2014 20:41:05 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: I reactivated the snow for the Christmas season. :)) Let's see if it messes up Plutronus' computer like it did last year. :-S Dec 9, 2014 20:42:10 GMT -6
lois: We get snow tomorrow but I'm not smiling about it. Dec 23, 2014 23:39:28 GMT -6
ingilizcekursu: a good book Dec 26, 2014 6:54:49 GMT -6
Cliff: :) 8-) :o :)) :-S :P :-X :D ::) Jan 16, 2015 16:44:33 GMT -6
Morgan Sierra: The mad smiley dude poster strikes again. Jan 17, 2015 22:34:03 GMT -6