Comet ISON


Cliff: Congrats Lorelei ! :) Feb 6, 2014 8:21:53 GMT -6
sunbow: CONGRATULATIONS LORELEI -- Now the fun and Joy begins... Feb 6, 2014 17:56:01 GMT -6
casper: Congradulations Lorelei!! :D I wanna see pictures!! 8D Feb 6, 2014 18:45:43 GMT -6
~lorelei~: Hey guys, I'm OK. I just had a difficult week is all. The baby is doing just fine- and yes the photos are on facebook. Feb 10, 2014 3:02:21 GMT -6
skywalker: Anybody familiar with Stan Romanek? It appears he was just arrested for child exploitation and pornography. He's being held in jail on a $20,000 bond. Feb 15, 2014 23:52:26 GMT -6
~lorelei~: Thank you all for the well wishes. :) Feb 17, 2014 1:26:12 GMT -6
~lorelei~: I've never heard of Stan Romanek sky... :o Feb 17, 2014 1:26:26 GMT -6
skywalker: He's one of those famous UFO/abductee type people. There's a thread about him here on the forum somewhere. Actually two now since swampy posted the story about him being arrested. Feb 18, 2014 19:56:03 GMT -6
~lorelei~: The baby is sick... :( Coughing and sneezing and crying lethargically with a hoarse voice and wanting to be held constantly. She doesn't wake up to eat- I've been having to make her eat every three to four hours... :( No fever though thank God... Feb 22, 2014 2:14:57 GMT -6
auntym: lorelei... coughing, lethargic, sneezing... is she wheezing?... this could turn into pneumonia... have you taken her to see the doctor? Feb 22, 2014 12:30:16 GMT -6 *
~lorelei~: I will tomorrow if she doesn't get better... :( Feb 23, 2014 23:03:25 GMT -6
~lorelei~: Took her to see the doctor. She's negative for strep- it's just a cold virus. I had to use the booger-sucker on her today and she didn't like that but it had to be done. I'm trying to get her to sleep but she wants to be held all the time cuz she feels bad Feb 25, 2014 16:37:40 GMT -6
~lorelei~: The tylenol I gave her seems to be helping her sleep even though she doesn't have a fever Feb 25, 2014 16:38:09 GMT -6
~lorelei~: Seems to be doing better today. :) Feb 26, 2014 13:48:56 GMT -6
auntym: happy to hear that... :) Feb 27, 2014 14:37:34 GMT -6
Cliff: :) Mar 14, 2014 9:03:22 GMT -6
lois: ok sky I cannot send a private message to you. Says cannot connect to the server. ha what server. I got here with my server or I would not be here. Anyway I posted that stupid video I made for FB. onto u tube. I did not want to put it there but it is the Mar 30, 2014 22:56:37 GMT -6
lois: way I could bring it here. :D :'( I feel like a idiot now. Mar 30, 2014 22:57:22 GMT -6
lois: For those who do not understand, sky put a photo of a ufo I took but I had not time to video tape it and all I got was one shot. So now I made a tape explaining how I got the photo. going out into my front yard. :D :D Mar 30, 2014 23:00:11 GMT -6
~lorelei~: I saw that photo on facebook Lois- it's definitely creepy! :o Apr 9, 2014 0:40:10 GMT -6