Paulette's Dreaming


auntym: welcome back jarmen... :) Jul 23, 2020 13:32:00 GMT -6
jarmen1971: Thank you Jul 25, 2020 11:26:57 GMT -6
jarmen1971: It has been another rough patch but thank goodness I am back Jul 25, 2020 11:27:41 GMT -6
lois: Hi Paul! I finally got back on again. I was ask some questions and then it took my old password and member name. Hello auntym are you still here? I'm fine but my husband fell and broke his hip.. He spent four months in nursing home . Feb 24, 2022 1:26:34 GMT -6
lois: When he was about to come home last week he fell out of bed and broke his other hip. So we are at ground zero again. I been staying in all winter. I tried and tried to come on but it would never take my name or password. Feb 24, 2022 1:28:40 GMT -6
CitizenK: Hello All! I've been on quite teh journey but am back to stay! :) Hope all is well with everyone. I see there are some new members , thats good. So good to see your names on threads and be back! Apr 2, 2022 23:25:54 GMT -6
Steve: Hi everyone, remember me? lol. Jun 1, 2022 20:35:38 GMT -6
jarmen1971: Hello Steve Jun 3, 2022 21:13:09 GMT -6
lois: Hello Steve.. some of us oldies are still around. Jun 13, 2022 22:41:36 GMT -6
CitizenK: Hi Steve! Jarmen! Lois! Skywalker! AuntyM! Swampy! lol All of you ! Hello hello hello Jun 25, 2022 0:44:54 GMT -6
lois: Of course we do Steve. How are you? Are you still investigating? Nice to see you here. Many don't know me as well. To you I'm Shamira . You sign my book you wrote. Stay around please Jul 3, 2022 23:42:11 GMT -6
lois: Hello CitizenK :) Jul 9, 2022 0:45:30 GMT -6
paulette: I left you a longer message. Glad to see that you still orbit through... Jul 11, 2022 15:32:45 GMT -6
invader25: invader25 here: Trying to reestablish with TEOR partipants, please reply..07/25/2023 Jul 25, 2023 15:06:39 GMT -6
paulette: Hi everyone - I've been away but I still consider this platform as a home base. I've posted a few things lately...Paulette Sept 27, 2023 2:59:40 GMT -6
Steve: Hello Im here Jan 20, 2024 2:19:13 GMT -6
sunbow2: Just checking in. Mar 7, 2024 12:50:27 GMT -6
auntym: its nice to hear from you again sunbow Mar 7, 2024 22:51:44 GMT -6
lois: Hello Sunbow and Auntym. I'm still kicking. Turn 81 in June. I remember how Ron would argue with me who is oldest. I think me and swamprat did the same thing. And Jo would say Well I'm not any springchicken. I came here first. going to to check post out. Mar 25, 2024 21:46:38 GMT -6
auntym: hi lois...i'm glad you're still kicking>>>LOL...are you here to stay or just passing thru? Mar 28, 2024 18:08:16 GMT -6
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